Food Machinery Philippines

Food Machinery in the Philippines

Industrial PH is a reputable company based in the Philippines that provides highly diversified engineering solutions for the food and beverages industries. Since we are dedicated to supporting our client’s manufacturing processes, we provide professional consultation, design, build, distribute, and install a wide variety of food machinery in the Philippines.

Backed by 25 years of engineering expertise, Industrial PH can fulfill the most stringent demands of the country’s leading food and beverage companies. Our product catalog is made up of food machines such as bottling equipment, food conveyor belts, and refrigeration equipment. Continue reading on to learn more about these.

    Food Machinery that Industrial PH Offers to Food and Beverage Industries in the Philippines Food Machinery that Industrial PH Offers to Food and Beverage Industries in the Philippines

    Food Machinery that Industrial PH Offers to Food and Beverage Industries in the Philippines

    A wide range of food machinery is used to ensure the proper handling of products during operations. Industrial PH’s food machinery in the Philippines is used to handle, prepare, store, and package food products.

    As a trusted food equipment manufacturer, our clients benefit from automation, productivity, less need for manpower, and higher quality products.

    Bottling Equipment Philippines

    We provide food machinery in the Philippines for liquid bottle filling and capping. These are suitable for viscous and liquid products such as food-grade oils, drinks, sauces, water, teas, milk, carbonated drinks, etc.

    The best bottling equipment is precise and fast-paced to help multiply your production capacity and profitability. Through a team of highly experienced engineers, our bottling equipment in the Philippines minimizes wastage and can be customized to meet all your production requirements — even producing up to 100 bottles per minute or more. Our bottling equipment is also compatible with accessories to boost packaging and sealing.

    Don’t be the last in the food industry! Build your bottling system now with Industrial PH.

    Refrigeration Plant Philippines

    Designing, manufacturing, and installing food machinery in the Philippines with the highest performance and lowest energy consumption tailored to our client’s needs: that’s our goal at Industrial PH - even with our refrigeration plants.

    We offer evaporative condensers, ice storage banks, air-cooled condensing units, cubic air coolers, and complete refrigeration systems. These are used to cool down or freeze products prior to packing or refrigeration for storage before distribution; after baking, frying, or cooking.

    Make sure your products are kept at a lower temperature to reduce the reproduction of the microorganisms and avoid spoilage, which ends with potential diseases affecting consumers. Our refrigeration plants will provide quick cooling and maintain the ideal product temperature for various food products such as poultry, baking ingredients, red meat, vegetables, and fruits.

    Conveyor Belts Philippines

    At Industrial PH, we cater to some of the biggest clients in the food and beverage industry by providing conveyor belts in the Philippines.

    Our durable conveyor belts are designed to transport solid or liquid materials at a specified speed rate, making them ideal for various applications such as pan and tray handling, cooling, and packaging. The belt's dimensions determine the product output, and they can handle baked goods, fruits, vegetables, proteins, water bottles, juice, milk, tea, and other viscous liquids.

    Our food-grade conveyor belts are built to provide precise portion control and hygienic design, ensuring a high level of sanitation required by the food and beverage industry. If you need a reliable and high-quality conveyor belt for your operations, contact our certified engineers at Industrial PH to learn more about our food machinery in the Philippines.

    Industrial PH’s Food Solutions Services in the Philippines

    Industrial PH empowers businesses through diverse engineering and manufacturing solutions. Backed by 25 years of experience, we are able to provide a wide array of food solutions services including consultancy services for design, layout, and installation.

    Our array of services has widened from complete bottling systems to utility services and electrical works. With the growing market of the food industry across the Philippines, our expansion of services remains continuous, too.


    Industrial PH offers food machinery installation to food industries in the Philippines. We are available for medium to large-capacity installations.


    Our expert group of engineers knows all the rounds of recommendations and studies about the equipment designs and process flows suitable for your operational needs.

    Consultation With Expert Engineers

    We provide consultation with our engineers to discuss with clients the proper size and layout of food machinery in the Philippines needed to meet their operational requirements.

    Why Choose Industrial PH For Food Machinery in the Philippines

    Industrial PH is an engineering company that offers cutting-edge food machinery in the Philippines. We continuously fulfill the most rigorous demands of the leading food industries in the country. Read on to learn what sets us apart.

    Why Choose Industrial PH For Food Machinery in the Philippines Why Choose Industrial PH For Food Machinery in the Philippines

    Years Of Expertise In The Food Industry

    Industrial PH has leveraged over 25 years of expertise in the food industry and diverse processes, combined with the latest food machinery in the Philippines, to successfully execute 77 projects, design 21 systems, assemble 46 pieces of equipment, and install 74 pieces of equipment for various food companies.

    Partner Of Reputable Brands In The Philippines

    Our commitment to providing high-quality services, equipment, and designs is driven by our desire to exceed our clients' expectations. This has made us the preferred food machinery partner for some of the most renowned food and beverage brands in the Philippines, such as:

    • Del Monte
    • Asia Brewery Incorporated
    • Coca-Cola Philippines
    • Monde M.Y. San Corporation
    • Interbake Commissary Commission
    • Aboitiz Power
    • James Hardie

    A Team of Certified Engineers

    As the best provider of food machinery in the Philippines, we have a dedicated team of certified and expert engineers that provides application assessment, design consultation, and installation to cater to our client’s needs and enhance the value of the services we offer them.

    Contact Industrial PH Today — the Best Provider of Food Machinery in the Philippines!

    Industrial PH takes pride in offering clients excellent food machinery in the Philippines. Our country’s leading industries in food businesses which partner with us have helped us to tap our potential. From planning and manufacturing to installation of our machinery for your operations, we exert consistent effort to live them out and walk our talk — because we believe that consistency is the key to making every partnership with you a fulfillment.

    Ask and we will deliver — our simple appeal. Contact Industrial PH today and learn how we set the high standards of food machinery in the Philippines.